Unknown Towns to Explore in Italy

Are you planning a holiday to Italy? Obviously, Rome, Venice and Florence are amazing travel destinations, but their costs are a bit on the high side. If you desire to enjoy the sweet life in Italy without tourists, go through this guide to learn about 7 secret Italian towns that are worth giving a try.

1. Alberobello in Puglia

Alberobello in Puglia

Situated close to Bari, Alberobello village is a labyrinth containing amazing piazzas as well as narrow streets. This great destination houses white buildings, referred to as the Trulli, which have the appearance of those homes mentioned in fairy tales. As a result of its beauty, the town has been designated as a UNESCO International Heritage Site.

2. Bergamo in Lombardy

This town is normally ignored by tourists because they are drawn to Milan, Italy’s capital. Bergamo is a romantic walled destination, which is among Italy’s most charming places. It is full of old palaces as well as cobblestone streets.

3. Treviso in Veneto

This town can be likened to a small Venice, which has less crowds as well as tourists. The historical walled center of Trevisto is filled with cobblestone streets, medieval churches as well as redbrick palaces. It also has tiny old canals that link gardens, buildings and marketplaces.

4. Bologna in Emilia-Romagna

Bologna in Emilia-Romagna

Containing Europe’s oldest university, this is among Italy’s most pleasant towns. Most of the times, Bologna receives students as well as gastronomy enthusiasts as tourists due to the fact that it’s the food capital of the country. Immediately you get to this lovely town, make sure you enjoy its great delicacies like tortellini and lasagne.

5. Bolzano in Alto Adige

Bolzano is referred to as a bilingual town because some of its inhabitants speak German as well as Italian. Such a sight can be a wonderful surprise to someone traveling to the destination for the first time. This town is situated in South Tyrol or Alto Adige, close to the Dolomite Mountains. Its surroundings contain vineyards and medieval castles.

6. Verona in Veneto

Verona in Veneto

Looking for a perfect romantic destination to have a superb time with your partner, Verona should be your top pick. This is because it is the most romantic destination in the whole of Italy. It was in the town that the sad Romeo-Juliet love story, written by Williams Shakespeare, took place. You can also visit the fourteenth (14th) century palace that contains the popular balcony. If you’ve enough time on your hands, you can check the breath-taking Roman amphitheater, in which opera performances are held in the summer.

7. Castelluccio in Umbria

This is the village with the highest altitude (5,000 feet) in the Apennine Mountains. Castelluccio is an attractive hamlet that has amazing squares, offering beautiful views over the Apennine Mountains. It has colored fields, which blossom with red poppies as well as violets. You can schedule a trip to this destination from late May to early June; this is the best period (spring) to go there.

These small towns in Italy are perfect for those who love to explore little parts of the world!

Top Cafes in Florence, Italy

Coffee shops and cafes are not considered the norm when it comes to Italian culture, however, they are increasingly becoming more popular in Florence’s diverse community. The coffee culture in Italy differs from those in America and other places, however, Florence does have some nice, cozy spots for tourists and locals to go and enjoy coffee and feel welcoming. Most cafes and coffee spots offer free wi-fi, which is very accomodating. There’s nothing I enjoy more than cozying up in a quiet little cafe while checking emails, reading my favorite books, playing spinning games or solving quizzes on my laptop. Whether you’re working, studying, relaxing over an espresso, or meeting up with someone, these are the best cafes to visit in Florence.

Arnold Coffee

This isn’t your normal Italian coffee bar. Arnold Coffee offers seating on both floors, a strong wifi connection, and is located right in the center of town. It’s a popular spot for those looking for a little piece of home. It’s cozy and very reminiscent of Starbucks, so people love to meet up for meetings and work quietly in the corner. This coffee bar offers all flavors and sizes of coffee drinks, smoothies, and they even offer bite size snacks. This is one of not many places in Italy, that has brought American coffee culture to Italy. It’s surely a must-visit.

Ditta Artigianale

Ditta Artigianale is one of Florence’s new most frequented coffee cafes, and they’ve already expanded within the last two years by adding two new locations around the city. This coffee shop has its own unique brand of coffee that’s very popular, and they source and roast their own coffee. This busy, cozy cafe offers everything from brunch to dinner, and always has muffins, cookies, and small pastries readily available for order. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, making anyone want to spend their afternoon just relaxing over a cup of hot coffee. The owners definitely know what they are doing with their coffee shops. This place is highly recommended.

Italy is known for its muffins, cakes, and pastries always readily available

La Cité

La Cité is a very unique place, as it’s a bookstore cafe by day and a music venue and wine bar by night. When visiting Florence, this spot is always a good idea. It boasts an open loft that overlooks the first floor and large front, floor to ceiling windows. It’s inside a historical building that’s super inviting and charming. If you visit during the day, there are eclectic chairs that are big enough for you to sink into. Day favorites at this spot include coffee and cappuccinos, while at night time, most people opt for wine or a smart cocktail. The space is small, so it sometimes gets crowded, especially when there’s a band performing, so if you’re looking to make a night of it, get there early.

Caffe Piansa

This cafe is a staple for craft coffee that has been around for years in Florence. They distribute their beans, which are very carefully sourced and roasted, to locals across the city. Caffe Piansa has a cook there that serves up some of the best lunch on the boulevard. Some of their menu items include pasta, salads, and sandwiches, and the portions are of nice size. If you’re looking for a place that’s charming, in a great location, and serves up some of the best coffee in Florence, this is where you want to visit.

Dolci Pensieri

This cafe is very unique in its own way and makes the perfect start for your day or peaceful break in the afternoon for lunch. They offer a great selection of coffee, delicious tea, heartwarming hot chocolate and some of the best patisserie to be found in Florence. This cafe is also looked at as a bakery, serving up cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. Everything is freshly homemade everyday, made with only quality ingredients and presented beautifully. This is a great place to frequent if you need a quick escape from the day to day grind.

Coffee and cookies
Coffee + cookies = life

Caffe Sabatino

This cafe has been in business for over 50 years in Florence. It’s the perfect stop for a morning cappuccino, light lunch in the afternoon, and drink in the evening. It has it all. This coffee spot is still using historical local coffee brand, Mokamag, which has been around since 1875. Caffe Sabatino is known for their delicious coffee and decadent pastries. The cafe is friendly, warm, and inviting, making you want to hang around all day. Some of their menu items include eggs, fresh sandwiches, pasta, and delicious cakes that are said to be the best in Florence. The energy and vibe are like no other at this location and locals have nothing but great things to speak about the owners. This wonderful cafe should definitely be on your list to stop in at!