Great Wine Regions of Italy

If you seek quality wines, just go for Italian wines! Italy is an amazing wine-producing country, which is at the same level as other top winemaking nations like Spain as well as France. There are many spectacular wine regions in Italy. Read on to learn a few of these destinations.

1. Tuscany

The fame of Tuscany as an Italian wine-making region is unrivaled among other regions. It has a romantic landscape containing country roads, rolling hills as well as picturesque settlements. Tuscany is a delight of wine lovers all over the world and is among the most renowned wine regions in the whole of Europe. Tuscany land is very fertile for growing Sangiovese grapes; the region makes wines whose styles are recognized globally. Some its unique wines are When We Dance Chianti and DOCG Chianti Tenuta San Vito.

2. Piedmont

This is Tuscany’s chief rival, as both compete to achieve the status of Italy’s best wine region. Home to a collection of the most renowned Italian wines as well as wineries, Piedmont makes greater volumes of DOCG wines as compared with other regions. Some of these quality wines are Moscato d’Asti and Barolo. The location of Piedmont lies at Alps foot, which makes it ideal for grape cultivation. Owing to its diverse small vineyards, this region has been described as Italy’s Burgundy. It is popular for the Barbera grape that produces spectacular Italian flavors of high acidity as well as sour cherries. Few of the great wines from Piedmont are DOCG Barolo Vigna Rocche and La Raia DOCG Gavi.

3. Veneto

This destination is situated in Northeastern Italy and is among the most highly rated Italian wine regions. Although Veneto isn’t as big as other Italian wine regions, it’s renowned for creating greater quantities of wine than other regions in this country. Veneto makes several styles of wines using a lot of varieties of grapes. Some of these wines are Prosecco, Valpolicella, Soave, among others.

4. Marche and Abruzzo

These neighboring wine regions are around the vicinity of Central Italy. While Abruzzo is widely known for making red Montepulciano grape wine, Marche is popular for producing white Verdicchio wine. The heritage of the former region for wine-making can be traced to the Romans as well as the Etruscans. This is owing to its great terrain for grape cultivation. The Abruzzo wine region is directly at the southern part of Marche. Abruzzo has a rich history of wine production that spans more than 2000 years. Compared to Marche’s 25,000 hectares of vineyards for cultivating grapes, it has 89,000 hectares of land for growing different varieties of grape including Pecorino, Merlot, Trebbiano, among others.

5. Lombardy

One of the biggest wine regions in Italy remains Lombardy, which has the greatest population. But, this region makes 2 renowned wines only. These are the sparkling Lambruso and Franciacorta. The Lombardy wine region lies within the northern part of Italy and is landlocked. It obtains a large percentage of its water from 4 huge lakes.