Don’t Leave FlorenceWithout Doing These 4 Things

Of the many different places to visit in Italy, Florence, the capital of Tuscany is easily many people’s favourite. This highly populated region has everything travellers want, plenty of shopping, lots of cultural history and some incredible things to see. If you are planning on taking a trip here, you will want to make sure you tick each of these items of your list before you head back home.

See David

One of the greatest works of art ever and undoubtedly one of the most admired sculptures in existence, Michelangelo’s David is a must see. This enormous sculpture is larger than life and towers over you as you come to admire its impeccable craftmanship. Cut from a single block of marble this masterpiece is impressive regardless of how much you follow art or not. From the intricacies of his hair to precision of his gaze, the detail here is astounding, don’t miss this incredible piece of art and history.

Get Involved With Da Vinci

Staring at works of art is a great way to absorb what the creators of the past have accomplished, better still however is interacting with their work. At the Da Vinci Museum you can do this over and over again. Thanks to the great thinker leaving behind many blueprints and books brimming with inventions, today’s innovators have managed to bring many of his works to life and now you can try them out. Get hands on with over fifty of Da Vinci’s machines and even try some out in virtual reality for a learning experience and fun day out you won’t forget.

Taste Bistecca Alla Fiorentina
Taste Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Taste Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Also known as Florentine Steak, this local delicacy is a meat dish fit for kings not just because of its tantalising flavour and quality but because of its huge mass. To make this mouth-watering meal the Cooks will take a huge chunk of loin and grill it whole. You may have the uncooked specimen brought to your table beforehand so you can look it over and admire it before it lands on your plate. Grab someone to share this with as the cooked meat still comes in often over a kilo. This huge cut is cooked over smoky nuts, seasoned with salt and pepper, drizzled with lemon and left pink in the centre, a meal you won’t regret ordering until you try to walk afterwards.

Climb The Florence Duomo

On the city’s skyline one building stands out amongst the rest, this dome capped wonder is the Florence Duomo. You will find this fantastic building amongst other great feats of architecture and design, yet this iconic piece of the region has a bonus or two. As you enter you can gaze in awe at the divine frescos that coat the ceiling, this collective work of art is a spectacle all on its own. Guided through the many areas you will be taken upward as you appear from the balcony just above the peak of the dome itself, from here the view of Florence will make you speechless, a perfect photo opportunity if there ever was one.