Best Spots in the Amalfi

The Amalfi coastline stretches from Sorrento to Salerno an area littered with breathtaking landscapes such as cliffs, mountains and also the sea. It’s no wonder the Amalfi coast is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Thousands of tourists flock this region during the summer, spring and fall season, as retreat centers become affordable.  Situated in the southwestern part of Italy adjacent to the Mediterranean Sea, many artists, moviemakers, and composers have drawn inspiration from this coast. National Geographic states the two-hour drive along the coastal towns is one of the best trips you’ll ever take.  Below are some of the coast’s best spots.

1. Positano

In the Middle Ages, Positano was a famous city that later on became a shadow of its self after its residents migrated to North America. Nevertheless, the town located halfway from Amalfi town and Sorrento had a new lease of life after tourists began touring the area.  The Santa Maria church – a must visit site for all travelers – features a majolica tile made dome and a black Madonna. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are among artists who have drawn inspiration from this region’s natural and stunning beauty. The 1994 blockbuster movie Only You shot a scene in Positano.

2. Sorrento

Sorrento town overlooks the bays of Naples and Salerno and is the most accessible town on the Almafi coast. One of the coastlines busiest cities due to its centrality, Sorrento is often used by people to access areas such as Pompeii, Positano and the island of Capri. The town’s beauty and cultural diversity make it a must visit for tourists. On the downside, Sorrento has few roads and narrow roads which results in heavy traffic.

3. Ravello

Ravello is a small city overlooking the coast on top of a balcony-like view. Barbarian intruders dwelled here, but after their expulsion, Ravello turned to a vibrant trading center. Gore Vidal, a former inhabitant, says the area Ravello has the best possible views on the coast and rates them the best in the world. Many great artists including Richard Wagner, D.H Lawrence, and Greta Garbo drew inspiration from this town. Must visit sites include the Duomo de Ravello which brings out the beauty in its simplicity, the Terrace of Infinity and the Villa Cimbrone which comprises of magnificent gardens.

4. Amalfi

In the mid-9th century to the 13th century, Amalfi was the capital of the Duchy of Amalfi, and perhaps Amalfi is the most prominent town along the coastline. The town is excellent for tourists seeking luxury and picturesque sceneries at affordable rates, unlike Positano. Moreover, the city offers tourists the opportunity to experience a fascinating culture, rich history and breathtaking constructions such as Cathedral of Sant’ Andrea and the statue of St. Andrew. A mile or less from Amalfi is Atrani town, which has a tightly interlinked history with Amalfi and also shares two beaches. The Amalfi Coast is filled with tons of beautiful and fun things to do, this are the best sports in the Amalfi, Make sure to give them a try!