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Sanremo: The City of Thousand Attractions

Sanremo (Sanrému in Italian), formerly called Villa Matutiæ, today is known as the city of blooms as it is renowned for the cultivation of flowers. It is an Italian town of about 50,000 inhabitants located in the province of Imperia, in Liguria. The city takes its name from the original name Castrum Sancti Romuli in honor of San Romolo, the saint revered by the population, today it is a patron saint of this place and locals. However, San Romolo in dialect sounded San Romiu and was soon crippled in San Remo.

Due to its geographical position, as it is located in an inlet sheltered by the mountains, the city has a very mild climate and offers wonderful views from both an architectural and landscape point of view. But let us explore it a little bit more.

What to Visit in Sanremo?

Sanremo is one of the best-known tourist resorts of the Riviera dei Fiori. Located on the highest part of the city, it is the Old Sanremo and it was founded around the year 1000. It can be reached by passing the Porta di Santo Stefano, a Gothic stone arch that dates back to the 1300s. The oldest and most impressive part of the city is the Pigna. This part is famous for its characteristic crowded streets and medieval fortifications that resemble the scales of a pinecone with the houses perched in medieval style, steep alleys, small historic squares.


The modern city that once was a fishing village, now is a refined tourist center known all over the world, which hosts visitors and tourists in all seasons entertained with the various events and landscape attractions: lush gardens, multicolored flower beds, and tropical plants. The villas and gardens of Sanremo deserve a special mention: Villa Ormond with its park full of exotic plants; Villa Nobel, where Alfred Nobel lived, which today houses the museum on discoveries and inventions of the nineteenth century, and Villa Zirio that is a home of the Symphony Orchestra, one of the oldest Italian musical foundations. Via Matteotti known as “La Tub” is a very famous place also: it is the long pedestrian street that houses the Ariston Theater. It might be called the main and most chic street of Sanremo with fancy restaurants and the most luxury shops.

Enjoy A Bike Ride

For those who love cycling with a view of the sea, the Ponente Ligure Cycle Path offers breathtaking paths. An oasis placed between maritime pines and beaches, skirting the sea for a good 24 km. The Sanremo cycle path is one of the largest pedestrians and cycle paths in the Mediterranean area. Access is also allowed to pedestrians, who have a special lane reserved, and to roller-skates or skateboard enthusiasts, in fact it is accessible on foot, by bicycle, roller-skates and skateboards. It is suitable for families with children, with refreshment points and bike rental. Enjoyable all year round, it is also equipped with wi-fi. The construction of the first stretches began in 2008 and a further extension, which would bring the total length of the route to 60 km, is still on the go.

Amore Mio Italian Desserts

Italy is a country of pleasures. Beautiful landscape, perfect weather, friendly and passionate people, luxury cars and haute couture fashion, golden beaches and marvelous yachts, tasty wine, and wonderful traditional cuisine – these words are shaping Italy as one of the most romantic countries around the world.


Don’t Leave FlorenceWithout Doing These 4 Things

Of the many different places to visit in Italy, Florence, the capital of Tuscany is easily many people’s favourite. This highly populated region has everything travellers want, plenty of shopping, lots of cultural history and some incredible things to see. If you are planning on taking a trip here, you will want to make sure you tick each of these items of your list before you head back home.

See David

One of the greatest works of art ever and undoubtedly one of the most admired sculptures in existence, Michelangelo’s David is a must see. This enormous sculpture is larger than life and towers over you as you come to admire its impeccable craftmanship. Cut from a single block of marble this masterpiece is impressive regardless of how much you follow art or not. From the intricacies of his hair to precision of his gaze, the detail here is astounding, don’t miss this incredible piece of art and history.

Get Involved With Da Vinci

Staring at works of art is a great way to absorb what the creators of the past have accomplished, better still however is interacting with their work. At the Da Vinci Museum you can do this over and over again. Thanks to the great thinker leaving behind many blueprints and books brimming with inventions, today’s innovators have managed to bring many of his works to life and now you can try them out. Get hands on with over fifty of Da Vinci’s machines and even try some out in virtual reality for a learning experience and fun day out you won’t forget.

Taste Bistecca Alla Fiorentina
Taste Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Taste Bistecca Alla Fiorentina

Also known as Florentine Steak, this local delicacy is a meat dish fit for kings not just because of its tantalising flavour and quality but because of its huge mass. To make this mouth-watering meal the Cooks will take a huge chunk of loin and grill it whole. You may have the uncooked specimen brought to your table beforehand so you can look it over and admire it before it lands on your plate. Grab someone to share this with as the cooked meat still comes in often over a kilo. This huge cut is cooked over smoky nuts, seasoned with salt and pepper, drizzled with lemon and left pink in the centre, a meal you won’t regret ordering until you try to walk afterwards.

Climb The Florence Duomo

On the city’s skyline one building stands out amongst the rest, this dome capped wonder is the Florence Duomo. You will find this fantastic building amongst other great feats of architecture and design, yet this iconic piece of the region has a bonus or two. As you enter you can gaze in awe at the divine frescos that coat the ceiling, this collective work of art is a spectacle all on its own. Guided through the many areas you will be taken upward as you appear from the balcony just above the peak of the dome itself, from here the view of Florence will make you speechless, a perfect photo opportunity if there ever was one.

Wonderfully Modern Italian Art Museums

Italy is renowned for the amount of historical and cultural sites and features it preserves, from relics of past kingdoms to artwork that is world renowned as classical. This makes Italy a fantastic destination for those who love a bit of history, but for those who love the sights, sounds and spectacles of a more modern era, it can be a little overwhelming. Luckily the country isn’t entirely stuck in the past and several of its modernity’s are equally celebrated. If its art you are after then you also have several outlets that wont drag you through centuries but instead a couple decades ass they display works by more recent greats. If you need to get your modern art fix, make sure to tick these off your list.

Wonderfully Modern<span> Italian<span> Art Museums
Wonderfully Modern Italian Art Museums


Don’t let the destination fool you here, although this museum is uniquely the worlds only cave museum, it doesn’t mean that all the art inside is from the stone age. Dedicated to sculpture and only sculpture, this one of a kind exhibition space houses work from the 19th century and beyond. Here you will fine imaginatively crafted figures and forms alongside more abstract creations in all manner of materials. The museum also opens its doors to musicians who play in its open areas from time to time too.


Not only is this hub of creativity a treat to gaze upon from the outside, what it has in store in its many rooms is even greater. The MACRO has strived and succeeded in being the go to destination for contemporary art in Italy. Bringing the modern age to Rome, this huge exhibition space is constantly rotating artists and rooms with anyone of any medium met with open arms. Expect to see sculpture, fine art, audio/visual treats as well as emerging technology such as Virtual Reality and more in this incredible museum. If you really want to get a taste of what is happening in the art world right now this destination should not be missed.



In Turin you will find the GAM, a museum space that is proudly of the new age. Within the walls here you will experience a taste of the more experimental side of the art community. Video pieces and photography shows are common here as this place embraces the modern world and all of its devices, as seen by its online video gallery. There is also a fantastic art library here for those who want to read up on some of the exhibitors and far beyond.


Museo Del Novecento 

Breaking the convention of all modern museums being known by their acronyms, this newly built destination in Milan has come to be a wonderful space for art in a short span of time. With Milan being such a fashion haven, it fits perfectly in place here. It has already amassed a collection of great works that include names like Klee, Braque, Kandinsky and Picasso meaning visitors will immedietly go away pleased. Added to this are its new exhibitions and workshops that get visitors in touch with the canvas in all new ways.

Learn to Cook Like a Sicilian

Fun and Tasty Cooking Classes in Sicily

One of Italy’s biggest pulls is its stunning cuisine that has managed to work its way around the world in one way or another. Yet the authentic tastes and smells of real Italian food cannot be imitated, to get the real thing you have to know what the best ingredients are, where to get them and how to prepare them. You may think that these secrets are kept under lock and key by the Italian food industry or some sort of kitchen mafia, but of course chefs and residents of the country all learn how to make these dishes by hand. If you love Italian food and would enjoy an activity that gives you a little something to take away, you could be perfect for some of the classes that are available here. In Sicily the largest and one of the most famed areas of the country, their food is known to be particularly wonderful. Here you will find not only great teachers but perfect fresh produce for you to practice making fine Italian foods. Take a look at some of the classes here.

Cooking with Saffron

One of the most expensive cooking ingredients in the spice cupboard, or the kitchen for that matter, Saffron is more costly pound for pound than gold making it a sought-after ingredient and favourite addition to opulent platefuls. On this tour you will be shown the fields where this golden spice is produced and then shown how to add it to your foods. Saffron isn’t just expensive it’s also versatile and the lesson you learn here will show you how to add it to pasta, honey, cheeses and cured meats.

Make Cannolis

The loveable cylinders of filled pastry can be found all around the bakeries of Italy. Their creamy filling is rich and full of flavour, supplied in many different varieties with different toppings and additions depending on the store. Getting the basics down for this seemingly simple treat is what you will be doing in this class. Get ready to knead some dough and squirt some cream just like the professionals. You’ll be glad to know you also get to munch some of these little wonders and will receive a ‘cannoli expert’ certificate upon completion.

Half Day Pizza Making Class

What food is more famously Italian than pizza? If you want to wow your friends with the skills of a master cook this class is for you. This is no brief tutorial either, while in a restaurant you will be guided by an expert pizzaiolo who will show you how to make the dough from scratch, talk you through what makes a great Sicilian base and help you with fresh toppings. This class lasts around 4 hours in total, but you will reap the tasty, cheesy rewards at the end.

Sicilian Cooking in Taormina

For a more rounded class for your growing Italian cooking mastery this class will teach you a bit of everything. This half day class will have you chopping, cutting and searing your way to a complete 3-course meal with professional help along every step. Learn about why Italy’s crops are so great and then turn them into a filling and great tasting meal in a matter of hours.

Favourite Italian Soft Drinks

What to Try When You Need to Cool Off

Whether you have been hitting the clubs too hard or are just a non-drinker yourself, there comes several times when you want something liquid that doesn’t have alcohol in. Italy is famous among many things for its elaborate and varied wine selection, in fact the only drink just as popular as this that doesn’t have alcohol is coffee. Yet if a hot coffee on a hot day isn’t your (or most peoples) preferred way of cooling down, you will want to reach for a soft drink instead. Although Italy isn’t out of the reach of big American brands which have made their way all around the globe, it does have several interesting and unique drinks for tourists to try. Thanks to the gorgeous fields of trees bursting with fruit, Italy has its own surplus of flavours ready to squeeze into a bottle for you to sip at your leisure. Tough they won’t all be familiar to you, if you want to get authentically Italian around the table without getting authentically drunk, its worth becoming a connoisseur of some of these instead.

Iced Tea

Though this one may not be too irregular as many countries have their own brands for this, Italy’s famous San Benedetto brand has been making the stuff since the 50’s. Thanks to the wonders of Italian water that goes into just about everything here from drinks to pizza, and making each item superior, these refreshing drinks will taste a little different than usual. Expect to find varying sized bottles of the stuff in several different flavours including lemon, peach and even aloe vera.


This is a very Italian drink, one that people in the west are not privy to. Chinotto is a beverage made from citrus fruits that grow on the myrtle-leaved orange tree, where they look like petit oranges themselves. However, their taste is less sweet than oranges and is much more sour or bitter which makes for a much different style of drink than say a fanta. This drink is popular enough here to be marketed by several different brands, that all have their own variation. Neri’s Chin8 for example looks black and could easily be mistaken for coke, until you take a sip that is.


Though you may associate glass bottles with beer, in Italy several of these drinks come in bottle capped glasses and Crodino is no different. This highly popular aperitif has been around since the 60’s and could be mistaken for a beer by foreigners. With its bitter taste created from mineral water and herbal extracts, Crodino may be an acquired taste but one that is sought after by Italians around mealtimes.


Another result of having a more diverse range of fruits, the Cedrata or sometimes called a Tassoni soda is a drink made from citrons, which are the original lemons. These big tangy fruits provide the basis for these thirst quenching drinks that have a the same bright essence of a 7up but with less sweetness. Although the products of the US are clearly available here it seems the Italians haven’t lost their unique palate, favoring sharp bitter fruit over sweet ones time and time again