Amore Mio Italian Desserts

Italy is a country of pleasures. Beautiful landscape, perfect weather, friendly and passionate people, luxury cars and haute couture fashion, golden beaches and marvelous yachts, tasty wine, and wonderful traditional cuisine – these words are shaping Italy as one of the most romantic countries around the world.

There is no surprise that so many people are travelling there. However, a few weeks of vacations are not enough to explore every detail of Italy, so the best way is to start with the Italian food. This time left all pasta and ravioli aside and indulge yourself with some desserts from Southern Italy because there are more than tiramisu, gelato, or cannoli. Explore the Italian dolce vita as a local!

South of Italy

Apulia, Campania, Calabria, Sicily, and Sardinia are the most popular southern destinations in Italy. It is always sunny there, many beaches are welcoming people with bright blue sea, trees of oranges are growing around the cliffs and the hot weather is tempting everyone to have a love affair. You can easily imagine yourself as an actor in such well-known movies as Godfather or Malèna while taking time at some little local restaurant – all you need is just the right order.

Campania and Calabria

One of the best choices would be Sfogliatelle – sweet and crispy puff pastry stuffed with the citrus cream of ricotta cheese. These shell-shaped pastries are originally from Salerno near Naples. Another great Neapolitan cake is called Babà and it could be a perfect little afternoon sin with a cup of espresso. This is an extremely soft biscuit cake soaked with syrup or rum. Usually, Babà cake is served in little portions but a few bites are more than enough to reach heaven.


If you are travelling through the region of Calabria, then do not forget to try the dessert called Tartufo. This is a combination of chocolate and hazelnut ice creams put in a cup made of dark chocolate and decorated with fruits, nuts, and some sweet alcohol. The only difficult decision after eating this dessert is to decide are you going to drink a shot of limoncello before heading to the beach or not.

Sardinia and Sicily

It is not possible to die because of starving while exploring the famous Italian islands because delicious food will be waiting for you on every corner. Seadas is an absolutely must-try sweet in Sardinia. This deep-fried puff pastry stuffed with local cheese and covered with syrup or honey must be eaten hot because that melting cheese is literally making love with sweet honey in your mouth. It is also highly recommended to try homemade Aranzadaat at some small and old restaurant. These sweets are made of orange zest that is cooked in honey and blended with sweetened pieces of almonds.

The frozen dessert of Granita could be the most refreshing thing under the burning sun of Sicily. This treat is made of coarse ice blended with local fruits that usually are oranges, melons, mangoes, or passion fruits. Of course, do not forget to take a Cannoli or two later because life is short and there are so many things to enjoy!