All About: Milan

Milan is one of the great cities in the world whose destiny still remains a paradox in the historical lane. It is a gorgeous city in Italy and it sees thousands of visitors a year and many love to come to Italy for great food, and beautiful architecture. In some studies, it was shown that there are some arguments that wanted Milan to be the capital of the unified Italy, not minding the fact that Milan was born in Turin (1870).


A brief look into the history of Milan, it was understood that the city originated long ago (about 400BC) when Gauls defeated the Etruscans and settled. The Romans then conquered the city in 222BC and was moved to the Roman Empire. In 313AD, when there was tolerance for Christianity, a lot of churches were built, which lead to the appointment of the first ever Bisho, “Ambrogio”. Due to the influential nature and the popularity of Ambrogio, the church became the Ambrosian church, thus making every 7th of December, a day set aside to honour saint’ Ambrogio. Visconti family, a family that comprises of noble men from Piacenza, Brescia, Cremona, Bergamo and Panama ruled in 1300, and this period brought peace, glory and wealth!. In 1386, the symbol of Milan which is the Duomo” was built. After so many years of war against Florence and Venice, Milan achieved peace when the Storza family took over the castle and power from the Visconti family. It was under the reign of the Storza that Milan started to develop in the area of science, art and literature.


Milan, a city rich with culture has always been a place full of various offers, ranging from artist, churches, buildings monuments, etc. The most striking of all is the Cathedral, otherwise known as the Duomo, which is the triumph of Gpthi architecture. It is one of the largest churches in Europe and can hold up to about 20000 people. The cathedral whose construction started in 1386, took about 5centuries before it was completed. It is made of Mable, arches, pillars and pinnacles. The beautiful paranoma of the whole city can be viewed from the roof top of the cathedral. The Palazzo Reale ( Royal Palace) situated at the southern side of plazza duomo is one of Milan’s historic palazzos. Also, the Madonnina, the Galleria Vittotorio, Emanuele II, and the Sforza castle are symbols of Milan.


Milan is the most important economic center of Italy, due to its location geographically. This thus gives it an advantage as the center. In Italy, the most important wholesale market still remains in milan. Milan sits on the route that connects Italy with the other Europian countries, thereby stimulating the commercial activities of the city.

Lifestyle and Events

On every 7th day of December, there is always a festival called “festival of saint Ambrogio”, a festival that is celebrated in remembrance of saint Ambrogio. The festival precedes the opening of an opera season at the Scala. Other events such as Carnival Ambrosiano, Corteo De Re Magi, Tredesin de Mars also takes place in Milan.

Festival of saint Ambrogio