Learn to Cook Like a Sicilian

Fun and Tasty Cooking Classes in Sicily

One of Italy’s biggest pulls is its stunning cuisine that has managed to work its way around the world in one way or another. Yet the authentic tastes and smells of real Italian food cannot be imitated, to get the real thing you have to know what the best ingredients are, where to get them and how to prepare them. You may think that these secrets are kept under lock and key by the Italian food industry or some sort of kitchen mafia, but of course chefs and residents of the country all learn how to make these dishes by hand. If you love Italian food and would enjoy an activity that gives you a little something to take away, you could be perfect for some of the classes that are available here. In Sicily the largest and one of the most famed areas of the country, their food is known to be particularly wonderful. Here you will find not only great teachers but perfect fresh produce for you to practice making fine Italian foods. Take a look at some of the classes here.

Cooking with Saffron

One of the most expensive cooking ingredients in the spice cupboard, or the kitchen for that matter, Saffron is more costly pound for pound than gold making it a sought-after ingredient and favourite addition to opulent platefuls. On this tour you will be shown the fields where this golden spice is produced and then shown how to add it to your foods. Saffron isn’t just expensive it’s also versatile and the lesson you learn here will show you how to add it to pasta, honey, cheeses and cured meats.

Make Cannolis

The loveable cylinders of filled pastry can be found all around the bakeries of Italy. Their creamy filling is rich and full of flavour, supplied in many different varieties with different toppings and additions depending on the store. Getting the basics down for this seemingly simple treat is what you will be doing in this class. Get ready to knead some dough and squirt some cream just like the professionals. You’ll be glad to know you also get to munch some of these little wonders and will receive a ‘cannoli expert’ certificate upon completion.

Half Day Pizza Making Class

What food is more famously Italian than pizza? If you want to wow your friends with the skills of a master cook this class is for you. This is no brief tutorial either, while in a restaurant you will be guided by an expert pizzaiolo who will show you how to make the dough from scratch, talk you through what makes a great Sicilian base and help you with fresh toppings. This class lasts around 4 hours in total, but you will reap the tasty, cheesy rewards at the end.

Sicilian Cooking in Taormina

For a more rounded class for your growing Italian cooking mastery this class will teach you a bit of everything. This half day class will have you chopping, cutting and searing your way to a complete 3-course meal with professional help along every step. Learn about why Italy’s crops are so great and then turn them into a filling and great tasting meal in a matter of hours.