Why Not Try Turin?

If you are visiting the north of Italy, its likely you will be heading to one of the country’s most popular destinations Venice. And although the semi submerged city has its appeal, much of the places here cater to the large tourist traffic. If you want to visit somewhere a little more off the beaten path you may want to check out some of the contenders to the top spot, one of which being Turin. This place is not mentioned anywhere near as much as Venice or even Milan but its not quite as secretive as some of the smaller towns and villages that can still be discovered. Turin one of those fantastic middle grounds where its quiet enough that not every event is sold out and popular enough that all the amenities visitors will need are catered for, here is what you can expect from a visit.

Impeccable Accommodation

Turin has a handful of luxury hotels and your only issue trying to decide which one you want to call your own for the duration of your visit. The Highly rated, 4 star Turin Palace is a great place to start. Here their large elegant rooms, comfy shared spaces and wonderful rooftop views have left all who visit thoroughly satisfied. Similarly Townhouse 70 has a stellar reputation. This boutique hotel has an air of class and sophistication that most other hotels lack. With a supreme aesthetic, multilingual staff and a tasty food selection this place is a great destination to start your day.

Intriguing Activities

Once you have pulled yourself away from your beautiful hotel you really want to get stuck into something interesting, and Turin does not disappoint. Straight from the get go its Egyptian Museum draws in thousands who come to check out the sarcophagi, the hieroglyphs on papyrus and of course the mummies. With both human and animal mummies on display this place has the wow and spooky factor that collide to make for a fun few hours. If preserved corpses aren’t your thing however you may like chocolate instead, who doesn’t, so why not try a chocolate tour. Here you will be walked around the historic chocolate houses where early recipes created some of the worlds best chocolate, discover where to buy the best chocolate today, and of course taste some along the way.

Gorgeous Views

As with many places in Italy the natural surround is gorgeous and Turin is no different. To get the best out of your trip, and your camera, head to the Basilica di Superga. Sat atop a hill which you can also walk around for a blissful day out, here you will be able to look down at the entire town of Turin from above. The Mole Antonelliana, also known as Italy’s Eiffel tower is another spot where you can gaze down at the town below and out towards the mystical mountains in the distance. This is simply a taste of the features that Turin has to offer, but if you are planning a trip to Italy its well worth keeping in your shortlist.