Learn to Cook Like a Sicilian

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Fun and Tasty Cooking Classes in Sicily One of Italy’s biggest pulls is its stunning cuisine that has managed to work its way around the world in one way or another. Yet the authentic tastes and smells of real Italian food cannot be imitated, to get the real thing you have to know what the […]

Favourite Italian Soft Drinks

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What to Try When You Need to Cool Off Whether you have been hitting the clubs too hard or are just a non-drinker yourself, there comes several times when you want something liquid that doesn’t have alcohol in. Italy is famous among many things for its elaborate and varied wine selection, in fact the only […]

Best Italian Food on the Go

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So, you’ve made it to Italy, you’ve got all your sightseeing booked by the hour and a table at the tastiest places around each night. Your only problem now is what to do in between, namely what are you going to eat between now and dinner time? Luckily for you Italy is full of places […]

Why Not Try Turin?

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If you are visiting the north of Italy, its likely you will be heading to one of the country’s most popular destinations Venice. And although the semi submerged city has its appeal, much of the places here cater to the large tourist traffic. If you want to visit somewhere a little more off the beaten […]

The Ten Most Iconic Italian Foods – Part 2

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Italian food is one of the most diverse cuisines in the world, it encompasses everything from simple fast foods such as pizza, to complex creations to test the best of chefs such as ossobuco. The food of Italy is very much regional, and although you could eat lasagna anywhere in the world the best is […]

The Best Wines in Southern Italy

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Italy is probably best known for its great northern red wines such as Chianti, Barolo, Amarone, and Valpolicella. But the south of Italy also makes some stunning wines that are well worth a try. There are five main regions of wine producing in southern Italy, Sardinia, Campania, Basilicata, Puglia, and of course Sicily. This wine […]

The Best Wines of Northern Italy

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Italy is the world’s biggest wine producer and grows in particular the trebbiano grape which tends to return high yields. Although it produces the most bottles of wine per year than any other country, Italian wine producing does not concentrate on large corporate wineries. Italy turns its attention to making quality wines that come from […]

Lakes to Visit in Italy

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Taking a trip to Italy on vacation? The country has spectacular and romantic lakes that you can’t afford not to visit. In this article, you will find information about these lakes, which make great destinations for vacation. 1. Lake Como This is the most famous lake in all of Italy. It is an amazing destination […]